1:1 Personal Training

Reaching Your Fitness Goals is all about Consistent Frequency

Now that you know how expensive one 1:1 60 minute personal training session can be, how many times per week are you prepared to fork over the moolah to get the results you want from having a personal trainer? You won’t see much progress, or reach your fitness goals in a very timely manner, only working out once per week. I think at bare minimum, two 45-60 minute sessions per week will scratch the surface of moving you towards weight loss, muscle development, and strength gains. Our most successful clients will train 3 to 5 times per week, with the increased frequency comes the increased rapidity of their results Ouch. That’s pretty steep. Don’t misinterpret me, I am ALL ABOUT investing in your health and fitness. But, I know that there are more cost effective options available that will give you the same (or even more value)…stay tuned through to the end of this article.


Congratulations! You’ve decided to take the next step on your fitness journey and work with a professional who can help you reach your health and wellness goals. Not only does having the support of a personal trainer keep you more motivated and accountable when it comes to weekly workouts, but he or she can also play a role in helping you maximize your time at the gym, prevent injury and see more consistent results. The Client/Trainer relationship is much like any other. Communication, honesty, respect and overall vibes are KEY. Bottom line, someone can have the credentials and experience, but if the energy is not right fit for you, you’ve got nada!

What you probably aren’t paying for (and definitely should be)

The majority of 1:1 Personal Training session rates are only inclusive of the trainer’s time during the workout that happens during that 60 minute session. You likely aren’t getting nutrition guidance and coaching, or weekly meals/food to support your workouts and goals included in your personal training package. If weight loss or physique-based goals are your main motivators for hiring a personal trainer, then nutrition is a HUGE factor to seeing the number on the scale move. It doesn’t matter how much you workout, if you aren’t focusing on a mindful and healthy nutrition strategy to propel you towards your goals you may just end up spinning your wheels, getting frustrated, and giving up all together. Nutrition is a massive topic, often misunderstood and full of myths and misconceptions. It pays to have someone in your court to guide and teach you what a healthy lifestyle looks like when it comes to food and fueling your goals.